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friday: john and i did some #@! and then went to the senior v. faculty basketball game where we saw sam, mike, jay and paige. afterwards we met up with eric and cossa and went to adam's where others were indulging in humna-humna. i, on the other hand, decided to be entertained by adam swider's improvisational spanish ballad's of one-eyed family raping and anal sex.

saturday was my cousin's going away party for his departure to the marines. i really am going to miss him, but it's his decision and no one is stopping him, which he made very clear. fanelli came and picked me up, we stopped quickly to see round two at adam's house, saw round number who-knows at jay's, and then just drove around for a while. i came home and fell asleep to the beautiful sounds of se7en!

today was superfantastically awesome.

i, erin leary, am no longer an offroading virgin. *clapping and cheers ensue*

janine, armino, kate and dan vaupel and i journeyed through mud and hills and great times were had.

and today was beautiful, and i'm SO SO happy!
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