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well, weekend.

friday i went with vicky to jersey gardens...tried on a beeeautiful dress. i'm considering getting it when i go back with janine...only drawback is the fact that it gives me porn-star cleavage. not too classy. anyway, i got home, only to remember that i had made plans with eric the night before. so he picked me up, and we went to carlo's house.
let me tell you something about carlo. he has the best grandma EVER. she's awesome, and everytime you leave the house, she tells you not to smoke. she definitely gets a gold star. ahem...later on john and sam came and sam, carlo and eric made use of the narcotics in their possession while me and john kindly declined and wasted money on cigarettes at the hess station. we came back to watch the oscar deserving bike safety video from third grade (some of you might remember a certain hot-pink clad flamboyant man rapping about helmets and handle bars?) and the always a pleasure to watch kentucky fried movie. i then departed and went home to fulfill my guilty pleasure for sex and the city.
SATURDAY....woke up bright and early for my meeting with the boss, get laid off. huh. what a loss. went home, watched more sex and the city because NO ONE is awake at nine o' clock in cranford. then i joined joe, sean, and sam for my four hour trip to the city for the protest. i figured it would afford some interesting photo opportunities, and while joe and i never made it, i got some pretty self-explanatory shots in penn station when a hippie-induced protest did erupt. my voice was heard by commuters abroad. fanelli picked me and joe up at the metropark, and i thought i was rather funny when i was weaving in and out of the way of the other train-travellers and then attacking fanelli with a hug on the platform. anyone that doesn't know me or fanelli would have thought we were married. anyway, we dropped joe off, and then went to my house to begin the exhausting task known as babysitting juliet nicole leary. janine called, and then made her way over, where janine, fanelli and i indulged in some cheesy bread and then later some brownies.
we had an inspiring talk, which led me to an also inspiring revelation. so janine, ryan; i thank you. relatively soon after, brianne called, and then my house was greeted with the smiling faces of brianne, julie, and julie's pennsylvanian cousin charlene. we sat and chatted, i put my sister to bed, janine left to join the boyfriend, and the rest of us somehow managed to fit on my couch. oh, how i adore friend-couch orgies. we watched the big lebowski, during which at some point brianne's eric showed up. i, riddled with fatigue, broke away from the people ladened couch and napped on the adjacent couch. the movie ended, julie fell on her ass, and the evening came to a tiring close, but only after i watched six feet under.
six feet under is easily the best show i have ever seen, and i urge you all to either begin making decent use of having premium cable, or rent the first season.

...and, today i sit on my ass and enjoy the pending doom known as snow. and crave mcdonald's. until next time...
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