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whispersindark's Journal

honey bunny
21 October
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settle for less. lower my expectations. get on with my less-than life. start compensating. - chuck palahniuk, invisible monsters

12.15, restate my assumptions. - max cohen, pi

you see me on the street, you always act surprised. - bob dylan
7-11, american history x, andy warhol, angelina jolie, ani difranco, antifeminists, anything acoustic, aphex twin, artistic inspiration, being an addict, being happy, being unsure, billy name, birch hill, blonde redhead, bob dylan, bright eyes, brigid berlin, burning airlines, caffeine, candy darling, carrie-ann moss, catcher in the rye, cheese, choke, christopher nolan, chuck palahniuk, cinematography, cities, clint mansell, coldplay, color orientation, confusion, darren aronofsky, david fincher, david hillyard, david sedaris, death cab for cutie, demons, deprioritizing my current reports, diamond dust shoes, directing, dorothy parker, ed norton, edie sedgwick, fight club, fog, frank mccourt, frannie and zooey, gerard malanga, ginger ale, guy pearce, holly woodlawn, hollywood violence, ideas, ingrid superstar, interpretive dance with ricky, ireland, irish, irving plaza, j.d. salinger, jackie curtis, joan cusack, john cale, john cusack, johnny depp, jude law, keanu reeves, kevin smith films, la confidential, laughing, lou reed, loud gunshots in movies, loud movies, magic grill, marilyn monroe, mary woronov, maybe, maybe not, meat, memento, mental disorders, moe tucker, movies, nick hornby, nico, nine inch nails, no sleep, office space, ondine, online quizzes, orion, palindromes, paul morrissey, paul newman, pi, primal fear, pulp fiction, quentin tarentino, radiohead, rain, redrum, remixes, requiem, sean gullette, sister ray, ska, sleep, sneezing, spike, stanley kubrick, stars, sterling morrison, survivor the book, sylvia plath, the factory, the matrix, the pixies, the scum manifesto, the shining, the slackers, the term honey bunny, the thunderdome, the velvet underground, theory, thomas pynchon, transvestites, trinity, ultra violet, valerie solanas, vic ruggiero, violent femmes, viva, william burroughs, wonderboys, writing, yes