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i finally watched i shot andy warhol in it's entirety, and at an age where i would understand it and appreciate it.

and appreciate it i did. valerie solanas was probably one of the most brutal feminists on the planet to the day she died. it's just kind of funny she would choose andy warhol of all people to shoot. i mean, he was probably the biggest asexual of the sixties. her logic of 'he can't control me anymore' lacks much sense. then again, so do the sixties altogether. i really want to read the scum manifesto to understand her better. she definitely seems like someone to understand better.

i also did a photography report on nan goldin, a very talented photographer of the seventies. most of her work was on drug addicts and transvestites, and i have, between rekindling my ongoing love for andy warhol and this report on goldin, become very interested in transvestites. i mean...most of them are more feminine than any real female you might meet. three favorites of mine, dubbed 'warhol superstars', are jackie curtis, holly woodlawn, and candy darling.

i don't know why i'm writing this. most of you (some imparticular) could care less. but if some of you do care, i'd say to look up those three...it really is pretty spectacular.

i'm also morbidly humored by the fact that candy darling (real name james lawrence slattery) died of illegal hormone injections.
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